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Air Pollution Prevention System Management

Equipment namePurposeUnitAmt.
Laboratory1 Inductively coupled plasma spectrometry Ti Al Sn Cd Pb Cu Fe heavy metals such as simultaneous analysis System 1
Laboratory2 F Cl NO3PO4 SO4 anion analysis System 1
Laboratory3 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer analysis of heavy metals such as Cd Pb Cu Fe System 1
Laboratory4 UV Visible Spectrophotometer T-N T-P CN halved seats System 2
Laboratory5 Gas chromatographic analysis of volatile organic compounds such as TCE Toluene System 1
Laboratory6 Sampling (atmosphere) System 2
Laboratory7 Gaseous substances collector Sampling (atmosphere) System 2
Laboratory8 Hot wire anemometer Such as flow velocity measurement (atmosphere) Set 1
Laboratory9 The total hydrocarbon meter O2 CO2 SOXNOX Temp such measures (atmosphere) Set 1
Laboratory10 microbalance 0.00000g Set 1
Laboratory11 Ultrasonic cleaners Three mixed and dissolved Set 1
Laboratory12 Phase-contrast microscope Microbial organization observed Shooting Set 1
Laboratory13 BOD Incubator Biochemical oxygen demand pretreatment Set 1
Laboratory15 COD tank Pretreatment chemical oxygen demand Set 1
Laboratory17 Jar Test Optimal coagulant added Set 1
Laboratory14 PH Meta Measuring PH Set 1
Laboratory16 Dryer Organization dried reagent Glass Set 2
Laboratory18 Autoclave T-N T-P before treatment Set 1
Laboratory19 Distilled water maker Three water purification for analysis Set 1
Laboratory21 Working Hood Local exhaust volatile toxic materials handling facilities Set 2
Laboratory23 Distillation Unit Phenol cyanide fluoride distillation unit Set 4
Laboratory20 Heating stirrer Heating Set 2
Laboratory22 DO Meta Dissolved Oxygen Measurement Set 1
Laboratory24 Mixer Mix Set 1
Laboratory25 Colony counter E. coli bacteria count Set 1
Laboratory27 Airflow Meter Wind direction Wind speed measurement Set 1
Laboratory29 Composite gas meter CO O2 LEL gas measurement , etc. Set 1
Laboratory26 Sound Level Meter The cumulative amount of noise measurements Set 10
Laboratory28 High temperature and humidity meter Cumulative high temperature and humidity measurements Set 1
Laboratory30 Samplers Personal Sampling Set 10
Laboratory31 Temperature measuring devices Temperature Measurement Set 1
Flow Calibration System Personal samplers Flow Calibration Set 1
Insulation resistance meter Insulation resistance measurement Set 1
Roughness Roughness Measurement Set 1
Directed sound level meter Noise measurements Set 1
Hydrophone bong Acoustic detection Set 1
Tachometer RPM measurements Set 1